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Magna Capital Advisory

Magna Capital Advisory represents the complete solution for outsourcing or reinforcing a corporation expertise in a wide range of management, administration or business development activities.

Our main value added comes from the full range of services that are always combining the good results offered by a calculated growth with the full pictures of the risks and mitigating elements that are providing a higher ease in restructuring the flows or activities in periods of downtrends.

Benefiting of the partners proven success and track record for more than 8 years in financial services, Magna can bring optimum results in the relationship with a client from the first month of cooperation, with direct impact on either on

  • increased profitability,
  • hedging risks associated with various activities,
  • administering in a professional manner crucial activities of your corporation,
  • providing the best advising either pre or post decision with full analysis of all potential benefits, risk elements and method to hedge the potential risks derived from a decision,

either on a complete outsourcing level or in jointly with the corporation employed resources, Magna is providing the optimum advising for decisions making process in the same time leading to a better utilization and dimensioning of client internal resources.

The track record of the partners includes providing optimum solutions for the following sectors:  

  • financial services;
  • project management including greenfield project;
  • real estate;
  • food and beverage industry;
  • auto industry;
  • alternative energy;
  • infrastructure;

In all the afore mentioned industries the involvement has been on the side of either providing the best financing products, treasury products, structuring or restructuring flows and processes in order for a better calibration.

The success of the solutions provided over the time translated in the following achievements:

  • management of a portfolio of over 3,000 clients in both banking and leasing operations;
  • lowest clientele attrition or migration in the market (figures of 2007, 2008 and 2009);
  • management of a risk portfolio of over EUR 2 bio;
  • most active arranger of syndicated facilities – over EUR 1 bio in solely or jointly arranged syndicated facilities;
  • posting the best out of the financial market (as of Q1 2009 ) ratio of bad debts under the managed portfolio of below 0.2% in terms of risk assets managed;
  • structuring local or cross border profit / cost centers for optimum profitability;
  • structuring innovative products – ahead of market products – for supporting the restructuring of the business;
  • best results under the advised companies for soft or harsh restructuring;
  • full portfolio assessment performed for 4 financial institutions including realizing in 2004 the first stress testing assessments ( under interest rate, fx stress, market downtrends aso) for a financial institution; 

Becoming one of our clients (either for one or for the full range of our services) will offer you the possibility to benefit on a daily basis of top professional advising, having a partner dedicated on a constant basis to your activities.

The immediate benefits will derive from a much more refined decisions process which will trigger not only short term but mainly medium and long term benefits.